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Whether you need a web app, custom website, or custom data integration, we can design and develop it for your startup or business. We won’t just take off with your project; we want to build a dynamic, long-standing partnership, working closely with you from start to finish. We start every project by getting to know your business and your unique challenges.

Experts in Data and Web Technologies


We design engaging, fully-custom apps and websites from the ground up. In our UX/UI design process we conduct user research, usability testing, and create functional prototypes keeping the users in mind and taking opinions and guesswork out of the equation. Our user-oriented design approach ensures that your users are getting exactly what they want while still solving your business problems.

Websites and Web Apps

The complexity of your business processes must be matched by flexible, high quality solutions. The web applications we build enable the business operations of tomorrow. With React on the frontend and NodeJS on the backend, we utilize modern technologies to build dynamic, database driven web apps. For creating fast, responsive websites we use Gatsby, a static site generator for React. Because we write everything in code, we rely heavily on some of the best open source projects in the world, and don’t use site builders or templates; we enable maximum flexibility for your project while still keeping development time and cost low.

Data Engineering

Superior business decisions are supported by accurate data. We have an extended knowledge of large scale data systems, and can develop complete solutions to improve your business processes. We use the open source Python framework, Apache Airflow, to build custom modular data pipelines that can pull data from virtually any source and make it available across an entire company. Because our infrastructure is cloud based and container orchestrated, we ensure that your data is secure and always available. Our unique approach also means that as your needs change, your data solutions can change with them without breaking the bank.

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