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We are Merchant Labs, a software and data engineering team passionate about helping startups, small businesses, and suppliers leverage technology to grow their business. We help you bridge the gap between your unique business challenges and the tech that can solve them.

Here's what we offer.

Custom Websites & Microsites

We design and build modern, responsive websites to make your company stand out. Our software engineers use the latest cutting edge technologies and make these accessible to all businesses. Your company could have a professional, high quality website that can grow with your company to a limitless scale at a price that fits into your budget.

Data Analytics

Having an accurate picture of what is happening in your business is key to making the right decisions. We help you connect, aggregate, and manipulate your data to give you that picture. We analyze with you what your data business needs are, determine what you want that data to look like, and build the process to connect you to your data.

Web Applications

Let your customers accomplish more without requiring you to be involved in every step of the process. We help you give your customers a rich online experience by adding web applications to part of an existing, or new website. Web apps can be as complex as Google Docs or Facebook; or as simple as storing account data for customers and employees.


Expand your customer base with an online store. Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing site, we integrate different tools to make your online storefront beautiful, scalable, and cost effective. The ecommerce solutions we build can include; selling products, tracking inventory, shipping orders, processing payments, and handling returns.

Business Process Automation

Automate the repetitive work in your company and maximize your employee’s productivity. In all companies there are simple tasks like manually entering data or transferring data from one system to another that eat up precious time and resources. Process automation is using computer programs to do those tasks for you. Our engineers can write this software that will automate those tedious, mundane tasks and integrate your systems.

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